Printable Targets

Print and Shoot

Print out these multi page targets, staple them up, and have fun shooting.  All of the following targets print on either 2 or 4 pages of letter size paper. Enjoy!

full target 1-5


This target prints on 2 sheets of letter size paper.  It is great for practicing with a handgun.


human silhouette black letter


This human silhouette target is similar to what many states require as a qualification target during CCW classes.  Aim for center mass.  This prints on 4 sheets of letter size paper.


human silhouette gray letter



This is the same as the above target but it should use less of your ink.



human silhouette outline only letter



This target makes it easier to see where your shots are landing because of the white background.  It prints on 4 sheets of letter size paper.



human silhouette black letter no target lines




Here’s one more variation on a theme for you.  This prints on 4 sheets of letter size paper.



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